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There’s a Size for That! Standard Dimensions & Sizing in Carpentry

Did you know that even custom remodels typically adhere to standard industry sizing? That’s right; things like doors, cabinets, and furniture are usually all the same dimensions from home to home, project to project. Knowing the height of a door, the depth of a cabinet, or the width of a table can be incredibly handy when planning out a remodel… and arranging furniture, too!

Industry Standard Dimensions for Doors, Cabinets & Furniture

Knowing how much space a feature, amenity, or piece of furniture is going to take up is crucial to planning out a home remodel. And while you can technically customize the sizing of any of these features, most builders and carpenters will adhere to industry standards for planning and designing purposes.

Here are some normal sizes for popular home features.

Normal door sizes

  • Standard: 36” wide x 80” high ADA: 32” – 48” wide x 80” high

  • A standard door in the average American home is 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall. Height for doors is almost always 80 inches, though width can vary home to home. Typically, these will increase in two-inch increments in even numbers. For ADA accessible doors, the width is required to be at least 32 inches, with a maximum width of 48 inches.

  • Did you know: When we’re talking about door dimensions, we say the width (in feet/inches) by the height (in feet/inches). So in carpenter shorthand, a 36-inch door would be a 3/0 6/8, and a 34-inch door would be a 2/10 6/8.

Normal base cabinet sizes

Standard: 24” deep x 34.5” high Kickspace: 3” deep x 4” high Drawer: 4” high and up

Kitchen base cabinet sizes are partially based on countertop heights (since often they’re situated under the counter). Countertops are typically 25 inches deep and 36 inches in height. So cabinets under the counter sit at 24 inches deep and 34.5 inches high. However, that doesn’t mean the storage portion of the cabinet is that size! Standard base cabinets have a 3-inch deep, 4-inch high kick space. Most also have an upper drawer. These will range in size, but they tend to be 4 inches high and up.

Normal hanging cabinet sizes

  • Standard: 12” deep x 30” – 42” high

  • Counter to cabinet: 18”

  • Range top to cabinet: 24”

As base cabinets are sized according to countertop heights, hanging cabinets are sized based on ceiling heights. So homes with higher ceilings may have taller cabinets than a home with a lower ceiling. Typically, these cabinets are a foot deep and range from 30 to 42 inches in height. The space between the countertop and the hanging cabinet, however, is typically 18 inches. The space between the range top and the cabinet above it is 24 inches.

Other cabinet sizing

  • Island to counter: 42”

  • Island walkway: 36”

If your kitchen contains a center island or bar, there’s a bit more measuring to do! The distance between your island and your cabinets is typically 42 inches, while your walkway is 36 inches.

For most of our custom projects, we can build just about anything. But we also work with a local cabinetry company called J&K Cabinetry for standard size cabinetry. J&K adheres to industry standards for cabinetry sizing, but we can create custom sizing as needed. Curious to know more? Give us a call!

Standard furniture sizing

You probably know that most furniture comes in standard sizing… but you might not know what that sizing is specifically! Here’s a quick rundown to help you arrange a new layout.

  • Dining table height: 30” (length and width vary)

  • Chair & bench height: 18” wide x 18” high

  • Coffee table: 48” long x 30” wide

  • Traditional office desk: 48” wide x 30” deep x 30” high

  • Desk chairs: 20” – 22” wide x 36” high

  • Computer chairs: 18” wide x 36” high

Knowing basic dimensions can help you place new furniture in your current layout, existing furniture in a new layout, or new furniture in a new layout.

Planning a Renovation?

Looking for standardized sizing because you’re thinking about a home remodel? We can help! We’re a Raleigh-based local building company specializing in home remodeling, updates, and custom projects. We plan, design, and build from start to finish. If you’re dreaming a renovation, we’re here for you! Give us a call and let’s chat about your project.

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