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Learn More About The People Behind Raleigh Woodworks

Serving both Wake and Johnston County in North Carolina, we transform ordinary houses into extraordinary homes with stylish and functional carpentry. From custom trim work to whole home renovations, to storage and cabinetry— our multi-talented team is dedicated to adding style and functionality to any space. 


With over two decades of experience in the commercial industry, our team handles project management, cabinetry, custom furniture installation, and more. No matter the type or size of the project, we are your one stop connection for all your carpentry and woodworking needs.

Meet The Team

We love making your woodworking and project dreams a reality. Whatever your next passion project is, our creative team is excited to make it happen. We are able to do the amazing work we do for customers throughout Wake County and Johnston County because of our dedicated team. That’s why we’d like to take a moment to introduce every member of our team and the value they can bring to your next carpentry project! 

Tom Lombardo Headshot

Tom Lombardo


A carpenter by trade, Tom is your go-to master carpenter. He has a varied background in both commercial and residential real estate, and is an expert in project management, large-scale renovations, and custom contract work. His journey to Raleigh Woodworks began with the hobby he started with his wife Corrine: house-flipping. Check up on his portfolio to see the amazing things he’s done to homes, custom furniture projects, and more.

Tom truly finds joy in any project big or small, giving each client and individual a chance to share their ideas with him to bring it to fruition.

Corrine Lombardo Headshot

Corrine Lombardo


When it comes to the design and logistical side of the ‘biz, Corrine Lombardo has it handled. Highly experienced in real estate services, this design buff enjoys using her creative skills to see her clients’ projects come to life. No project is too big, and no detail is too small when it comes to taking a room, a home, or even a piece of furniture, and making it extraordinary. At the end of the day though, what makes it all worth it is seeing their hard work live on in a loving customer’s home.

Brandon Terry installing shiplap

Brandon Terry


Brandon is a passionate, highly motivated carpenter. Growing up in Crystal River Florida, Brandon has been honing his craft for many years. From building projects for his friends and family, to perfecting furniture building, he strives to create the perfect piece. When Brandon isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his family, building legos, and playing video games with his friends. Brandon believes that we should be judged not by our words but by our actions.

As a unique asset to the team, Brandon has an out-of-the-box thought process, as well as working diligently to achieve perfection with each piece he works on. With his excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity, Brandon brings great value to the company.


Brandon enjoys watching the excitement on the clients' faces when their dream is finally a reality. Brandon is looking to keep honing his skills and take on new projects to further develop himself.

Brad Walls with. the shop cats

Brad Walls


Brad has always found his inspiration from trying to figure out ways to improve current projects to be more efficient, utilizing any knowledge gained.His commitment to working with customers to ensure a great experience while delivering top notch quality results that last, has been something he continues to focus on.


Brad has grown his love of carpentry and creativity into a career and takes great pride in the projects that he has been a part of. His passion, attention to detail and dedication to completing every project is something he takes very seriously and his team relies on. With a sharp eye for perfection and ambition to continue growing and learning, Brad is a great asset to the team.

Brad loves taking raw materials and turning them into something beautiful, durable, and enjoyable for years to come. When he isn’t at work, he spends time coaching and playing basketball and hanging out with his kids.

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