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5 Ways to Craft a Dream Home Office (or Classroom)

In recent months, millions of people (or their companies) have opted to eschew the office for a safer and more comfortable work-from-home environment. Definitely saves you some time on that morning commute, right? But your work-littered dining room table might have you wondering if it’s time to find a designated office space within your home. If you don’t have a spare bedroom, you might have to start getting creative!

Need a Home Office or Classroom? Here’s How to Make It Happen

Need a little extra space for your work or for days when the kids are learning at home? Here’s how to make room for your workspace.

Focus on storage: Consider built-ins

One of the biggest challenges of home offices (or classrooms) is finding ways to tame the… stuff. It’s hard to stay organized when you don’t have a place to put paperwork, notes, calendars, or other oft-used work items.

Solve this problem by focusing on storage. If you have the space, add a bookshelf or storage unit to your office or classroom. Built-in shelving can be a great option if you don’t have a lot of space. If your space is a bit awkward, you might need to call in a pro for a custom build.

Bonus: Really tight on real estate? A built-in desk can save you even more room!

Add some lighting

It’s important to have good lighting in your workspace, especially during these winter months when we don’t see a whole lot of sunlight. If you can, pick a spot with ample natural lighting, and be sure to open your windows and curtains to take advantage of any and all sunlight you get!

For spaces that don’t get a lot of sun (or if you work outside of daylight hours), you may want to add some artificial lighting. Aim to incorporate a few different types—task lighting for your desk, as well as an overhead light for brighter illumination.

Don’t have good overhead lights? Call in a contractor for an easy update!

Don’t have space? Finish your attic

If you really don’t have a spot big enough for a desk or private enough for conferences, classroom interaction, or concentration, it might be time to finish your attic. Not only does a finished attic provide a large, private space for your work, it also adds square footage to your overall home—which can be great for your home value when you decide to sell!

Really don’t have space? Look outside!

Not all homes have attics, and not all attics can be finished. If an attic remodel isn’t possible (or maybe you need the storage), but you still want an office or classroom, it might be time to get creative! Look to the outdoors… do you have a shed?

Crafting a home office from a shed is a bit more complicated, since you’ll need to ensure proper ventilation and temperature controls are installed, but it’s totally possible. And having a private office shed can definitely help you separate work life from home life!

Interested in converting a shed to an office? You’ll probably want to call in a pro for this one!

Need a Home Office? We Can Help!

Need a place to work from home? Looking for a better spot for at-home classroom days? We can help! Whether you need a built-in desk, a beautiful new accent wall, or even something outside the box, Raleigh Woodworks is here for you! Contact us today and let’s talk about your goals.

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