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The Not-So-Hidden Benefits to Having a Mudroom in Your Home

One of the best parts of living in North Carolina is the weather. We get all four seasons! As such, that means having to put on and take off a whole slew of weather-related outerwear at any time of the year.

From mud-splattered boots to rain-drenched umbrellas, seasonal wear can wreak havoc on your home’s entryway. There’s a better way to keep your things organized.

Your Home is Missing Something

Spoiler alert: it’s a mudroom.

A mudroom is like a closet for the rest of your home. It’s located near a common entrance, allowing your family members to easily discard their bulky outerwear and shoes before entering the rest of your home.

What Goes in It, Exactly?

Anything you don’t want in the rest of your home! If you have kids that play sports, this is a great place to store their tennis rackets, football equipment, dance bags, and lacrosse gear.

Need somewhere to groom your pets or dry them off from the rain? Keep extra towels and brushes here for easy use.

How Does a Mudroom Benefit My Home?

A mudroom improves your home in a number of ways (both in terms of lifestyle and dollar amount) but we’re going to focus on three key ones.

It Keeps Your Home Tidy

At Raleigh Woodworks, we’re big fans of Marie Kondo. We wholeheartedly agree with her philosophy of decluttering. If an item does not spark joy, it doesn’t belong in your home!

However, while our winter coats, waterproof rain boots, and sandy beach towels certainly spark joy in our hearts—we’d rather keep them out of our homes. That’s where the mudroom comes in. It allows us to properly organize our belongings, thereby keeping the rest of our homes tidy.

It Protects Your Home’s Floors

Entering the mudroom first to discard boots and shoes means less grit and water on the rest of your home’s floors.

This may extend the life of your hardwoods, keep your carpet looking pristine, and help maintain the quality of your flooring throughout your home.

It Gives You Extra Storage

Trust us—we understand the importance of having proper storage space. That’s why we’re so crazy about mudrooms! You can easily install cabinets and shelves, cubbies for bags and coats, and large bins for bulkier items.

We know how to add storage and style—like in this room we designed. Sit down on the bench to take off your shoes before storing them in the cubby underneath!

When done correctly, a mudroom is a stylish, comfortable room that welcomes you home.

Want to Add a Mudroom to Your Home?

We’re ready to help! At Raleigh Woodworks, no project is too big or too small.

Allow us to help you transform your space into whatever you want it to be. Give us a call today or shoot us an email for a consultation.

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