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The NCCU Men’s Basketball Team Got a Makeover

Well, their locker room did, anyway!

NCCU Final - 12

The sleek finished design

Although stay-at-home orders throughout NC definitely put a damper on businesses big and small, Raleigh Woodworks was able to use the time to wrap up a complete renovation of the North Carolina Center University Men’s Basketball Team’s locker room. We have been able to continue to work in unoccupied spaces, so we’ve done our best to stay busy that way!

We don’t want to be too dramatic, but this locker room was in bad need of some major updates! The storage that the space had was simply not working for that room— the team’s gear was showing everywhere, the lockers were exposed and over-used, and the colors were dark and dreary. We’re sure this space worked well for the many years the team had it that way, but we personally thought the NCCU Men’s Basketball team deserved WAY better. We were envisioning a room fit for champions!


Before we got our hands on the space

We were thrilled to get in there and tear everything apart. As we did, the full potential of the space began to really shine through to us. After hiring out electrical and flooring contractors to work with us, we managed and designed everything ourselves. Each one of these custom lockers was built individually by us out of plywood. The lockers have several new storage features — the seat cushions lift up for easier storage access, there is additional space at the top of each locker, storage shelves installed internally, and the lockers are now wider.


Locker progress


Getting everything installed and painted. Each locker has its own shelving unit for enhanced organization of personal items!

NCCU Final - 16

Sitting space can always be used as storage space, too!

We were also able to have a custom sound system by SONOS installed so that the team can feel like the ballers they truly are 🏀

To make the room even more fly, the new lights we installed can be controlled by mobile apps and are a higher level of energy efficiency, which will definitely save the university some money compared to those old ballasts they had previously! Now the room saves electricity with over 50 LED lights installed, and the team can customize the lights according to what makes them feel best!

NCCU - 37

How cool are these lights? We couldn’t resist working with them on….

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO. These lights look awesome in action!

All in all, this project was so much fun! It was great to be able to work with NCCU and to give the team a locker room they deserve. They spend a lot of time here, store valuable items, get psyched up before games, talk strategy, and so much more— so it was an honor to be able to completely rehaul this space.

NCCU Final - 17

We really made this space WORK!

The finished space

Now, all that’s left to do is wish these guys a great upcoming basketball season and to keep our fingers crossed that they’ll be able to play next Fall 🤞


Interested in renovating your business space? We can help! Got a room at home that’s just not doing what it should? Don’t be shy— give us a call! We always love to hear from you. We’ve got what you need!

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