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6 Tools You Need for Your Home Renovation

Home renovations are exciting—but they can also be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. What might seem like a simple project can quickly become a stressful undertaking if you jump in too quickly; the last thing you want is to end up partway into a project with no way to finish! So before you start on any home renovation, make sure you’ve got the tools to get the job done.

Don’t Start Without These Six Essential Home Renovation Tools

Home renovations are kind of like baking. We get excited, get started, and realize we don’t have enough eggs or oil to finish the cake. Renovations work the same way—you start measuring, cutting, or demolishing… and realize you don’t have the right tool to finish the project! So first things first, put down the hammer and make sure you at least have these six tools on hand.

Measuring tape

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s forget to measure! There are times you might be able to eyeball or estimate, but trust us, your home renovation is neither the time nor the place. Save yourself a lot of frustration and backtracking, and make sure your project is sound and structurally stable—measure everything. We reach for the Milwaukee 4932459596 8m/26ft Pro Compact Tape Measure (in red, so it's easier to find).


This might seem obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: write it down! Having a pencil on hand makes it easy to mark down measurements so you don’t trust important numbers to your memory. Pencils are easily erasable, and they transfer onto most surfaces so that you can mark wood, drywall, paint, and other areas. Forget the pen—use a pencil!

Speed square

A speed square is a simple, triangle-shaped carpenter’s cool used for making quick measurements, particularly for 45- and 90-degree angles. They’re commonly used in measuring angles for trim carpentry, stairways, and cabinets, but can be applied to any project that requires aligning elements (i.e., most of them). Speed squares come in a variety of sizes and offer several different measurements, including angle and rise. This $10 tool will save you tons of time, making sure your angles are square.


Drills are versatile and handy tools. They’re used both for drilling holes and for driving screws and other fasteners through solid material. They can typically be employed with a variety of bit types, including both standard and hex bits, and are widely used throughout woodworking, metalworking, and various construction and utility projects. Odds are, if you’re working with wood, you’re probably going to need a drill. We love the Dewalt drill sets, with the 4-Port, Rapid Charging Dock (DCB104), so we always have enough power to keep going.

Chop saw

Chop saws are stationary blades that move up and down to make straight, precise cuts (unlike circular saws, which are capable of moving in several directions). They can also be used to cut right angles. Effective and easy to use, chop saws are great for both beginner and experienced DIY-ers and allow the user to quickly make precise cuts through various surface thicknesses. If you’re working on a more advanced project with bevel or angled cuts, however, you might need a miter or circular saw.

Thinking of Starting a DIY Project?

Thinking of starting a DIY project and need some advice? We’d be happy to answer any questions! Want to leave the DIY-ing to the experts? Call Raleigh Woodworks today and let’s talk about your project.

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