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Shiplap Fever!

Shiplap always looks great —seriously, always.

We’re pretty crazy about it on our team. Honestly, it can just take a few small stylistic touches to take a bland, boring room to the next level and one of our absolute favorite ways to do this is to use shiplap to accent both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Don’t quite believe us? Check out these recent projects we did that will show you exactly what we’re talking about.


Adding flair across the house

With this project, we were able to add shiplap accents in several areas of the home.

Master Bathroom


You could either go rustic with the look…


…or you could go sleek and modern!

This client wanted a modern and sophisticated feel in their bathroom, so we went with this ultra sleek white shiplap walls look that contrast oh-so-stylishly with the darker accent points of cabinets, mirror, and fixtures.

Accent Walls

Overall, this space needed some life and texture added to it, so we also added shiplap walls in the entryway, dining room, and all the way up the stairs! Check out how such a simple trick can take a room from boring to inviting!


The perfect room for entertaining!

Adding Warmth

If your living room doesn’t feel as warm and inviting as you’d always wanted, it may just be a matter of adding some texture!

In this living room, we added shiplap around the fireplace/entertainment area. Adding texture to the wall behind the room’s natural focal point helped to create a cozier family room where everyone can cuddle up and enjoy time together!


Moody Powder Room

Our official stance is to NEVER overlook adding some style to our bathrooms. They often get overlooked, kept closed off to the rest of the house. However, we really do spend a lot of time in our bathrooms! And our guest bathrooms give off a strong impression to visitors.

That’s why we added a moody touch to this powder room by mixing a statement paint color with beautiful shiplap.


Sophisticated Dining Room

For this project, we tore down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and wrapped all the walls in shiplap to create an open space that feels welcoming. The result turned out to be a natural gathering space for family and guests to gather and instantly feel comfortable and welcome!

Gattis Progress - 2

Before we got to it, this room had a simple wallpaper that was ready for a refresh.

Just look how opening up the space and adding shiplap to the walls for a contemporary look made this home’s heart so much more inviting!

Gattis After Pics - 9
Gattis After Pics - 6

Still on the fence?

If you’re still on the fence about shiplap, let’s chat!

We have years of experience with installing shiplap in homes to bring some texture and warmth to any space. It truly is a stunning way to transform a room!

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