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Shiplap Fever!

Shiplap always looks great —seriously, always.

We’re pretty crazy about it on our team. Honestly, it can just take a few small stylistic touches to take a bland, boring room to the next level and one of our absolute favorite ways to do this is to use shiplap to accent both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Don’t quite believe us? Check out these recent projects we did that will show you exactly what we’re talking about.


Transforming Spaces with Shiplap

Shiplap isn't just for a rustic look; it's a dynamic player in home design, capable of enhancing any space with a touch of sophistication or warmth. Whether you're aiming for a chic, modern vibe or a cozy, inviting atmosphere, shiplap can be the game-changer your space needs.

Elegant Master Bedroom


In a recent project, we transformed a master bedroom into a haven of modern elegance. A deep navy shiplap wall set against the soft palette of the room’s linens and carpeting created a striking contrast, infusing the space with a sophisticated charm.

Chic Powder Room


Bathrooms should not be an afterthought. They hold significant potential for style and character. In one of our renovations, we infused a powder room with character by pairing a rich, statement paint color with the timeless beauty of shiplap, achieving a chic and memorable ambiance.

Inviting Dining Room

Dining Room After Raleigh Woodworks Reno

The magic of shiplap truly shone in a project where we removed the barrier between kitchen and dining area, installing shiplap throughout to foster a seamless and inviting open space. The transformation from a plain, wallpapered room to a stylish, welcoming area underscores shiplap’s ability to revitalize and enhance communal spaces.

Before we got to it, this room had a simple wallpaper that was ready for a refresh.

Dining Room Before Raleigh Woodworks Reno

Just look how opening up the space and adding shiplap to the walls for a contemporary look made this home’s heart so much more inviting!


Why Consider Shiplap?

If you're still contemplating whether shiplap is right for you, consider its transformative potential. Our expertise in shiplap installation has allowed us to turn many homes into showcases of warmth and style. It's not just a design choice; it's a statement of elegance and comfort.

For those interested in exploring how shiplap can enhance their home’s aesthetic, Raleigh Woodworks is here to guide you. Our experience and passion for fine carpentry make us the ideal partner in your journey to create a home that stands out with timeless appeal.

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