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Update your Mantel and Fireplace, Refresh Your Living Spaces

Your fireplace is the focal point of your living room. If yours doesn’t shine, then your room doesn’t shine! Fortunately, updating your fireplace, hearth, and mantel are easy ways to breathe new life into your whole home.

4 Ways to Refresh Your Mantel and Fireplace

Sometimes, the smallest tweaks can make the biggest differences. Here are a few simple ideas for refreshing your mantle and fireplace… to bring a fresh new look to your living room.

Add custom moldings or shiplap

a fireplace surrounded by shiplap siding

One of the easiest ways to draw the eye to your fireplace is with custom molding or shiplap accents around your fireplace. These types of finish carpentry are simple, yet quite transformative, especially if your fireplace is already in pretty good shape and just needs a boost.

When choosing your molding, consider the style of your room. There are a lot of options out there, from simple and sleek to ornate and elegant. Deciding on the best fit for your home and room will ultimately make that space look its very best.

Replace the mantel

a beautiful dark wood mantel

Similarly, updating your mantel is an easy way to add style and functionality without a lot of heavy lifting. The mantel is the piece that sits above your fireplace; usually it’s made of wood or stone. In a standard fireplace, the mantel likely matches the trim along the sides… but if you’re looking to upgrade, you definitely don’t need to keep them the same!

Using bold woods, especially against lighter molding, or matching the mantel to your flooring, can really have an eye-catching effect!

Add tile

a fireplace with tile surround and hearth

Tiling your hearth or surround can really bring an upscale elegance and high-end feel into your room. In fact, because tile adds elements of design and color, you could potentially change the look of your whole room!

When selecting tile, decide if you want to keep your design simple—perhaps a white or terracotta style—or if you want to bring in some colors and patterns. Just be sure that any tile you select is able to withstand the heat!

Update the hearth or surround

a stone fireplace with stone hearth

Are your fireplace’s hearth and surround bringing your room down? Tired old bricks can make your room look, well, tired and old. Fortunately, it’s possible to update these parts of your fireplace for a vibrant new look.

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint might be all that you need! Cleaning and sealing are other easy DIY options. However, if you’re really looking for an upgrade, or if your hearth is in particular need of some TLC, it might be time to call in a pro for a full-scale fireplace renovation.

Looking for more fantastic and fun ways to refresh your fireplace? Check out our Fireplace & Hearth Pinterest board!

Need Some Help with Your Fireplace Refresh?

We’d love to lend a hand! Contact Raleigh Woodworks today, and let’s chat about how we can put our skills and experience to work to help make your home its very best.

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