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Beautiful Bench Seating to Take Your Room to the Next Level

Looking for a way to really take your dining room, living room, basement (or any other room) to the next level? Bench seating saves space and offers added benefits—like hidden shelving!

Types of Bench Seating

Bench seating comes in a variety of styles and designs. Take a look at some of the most common types of bench seating to see which might work best in your home. Need a recommendation or some help planning your project? We’d love to lend a hand!

Dining banquettes

a dining banquet in a corner

Dining banquettes function a bit like booths at a restaurant; they typically sit against the wall or in a corner, thus eliminating the need for space behind chairs. In this way, they’re particularly useful in areas that might not otherwise have room for a table and chairs.

Bonus: Dining banquets add a sense of laid-back comfort and intimacy to a room—perfect for a comfy kitchen setting!

Built-in window seating

a corner bench next to a window

Window seating is a great way to add both style and function to a room—without taking up space or blocking beautiful window views. This type of bench seating is incredibly versatile and can range from elegant to cozy. It’s also common to see built-in storage, such as drawers or cubbies, in this type of seating.

Bonus: Add a pad and some pillows, and you’ve got the perfect rainy-day book nook!

Mudroom benches

a bench in a mudroom

Need a spot to stash shoes, leashes, toys, cold-weather gear, or… whatever else is cluttering up your mudroom? Enter: the mudroom bench! This built-in is the perfect place to store unruly items out of sight and provides a convenient spot to sit and gear up for going out.

Bonus: Mudroom benches are great for stashing backpacks and other quick-grab items come school time, too!

Standalone benches

a standalone bench with a top opening

The most versatile of bench seatings, the standalone can go anywhere and look like just about anything. If you’ve got space, you can add a bench! And to this bench you can add drawers, cubbies, pull-outs, a chest… whatever you’d like.

Bonus: The uses of a bench are just about endless. A reading spot? A toy chest? Shoe storage? Dog food or dish holder? You name it, it’s probably been done!

Ready to Build Your Own Bench Seating?

Do you have the perfect spot in mind for your own bench seat? We’d love to help! Contact Raleigh Woodworks today, and let’s chat about how we can bring that dream bench to life!

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