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Impressive Mantle & Fireplace Redos You’ve Got to See!

Where the dining room table is the centerpiece of your dining room, the fireplace is the heart of your living room. So it stands to reason that a well-done mantle can transform the whole room! Need some ideas for upgrading your fireplace or mantle? We’ve got you covered!

Our Favorite Mantle & Fireplace Redos

a beautiful mantle with a tv overhead

Stylish mantles, along with barn doors and shiplap accents, are a big trend in modern design these days. We know—we’ve done quite a few recently and we thought we’d share. Here are a few of our favorite mantle projects.

We transformed this bland fireplace with a beautiful mantle

a fireplace in need of improvements

Before Raleigh Woodworks stepped in, this fireplace was a pretty standard run-of-the-mill design. It definitely didn’t draw the eye, but it did give us a lot of room to customize… so we got to work!

a beautifully redone fireplace

We wanted to keep the sleek base design while bringing a little bit of texture into the space. So we built a mantle and a board-and-batten trim to completely transform both the fireplace… and the whole room. Small changes make a big difference!

We took this standard mantle to the next level

a standard mantle above a fireplace

This fireplace area started with a lot of potential. The elegant mantle and built-in shelving to the sides naturally draw the eye… but we brought it to the next level by transforming it into a statement piece!

We first framed the fireplace wall and added shiplap accents. Then, we removed the standard mantle and replaced it with a 4-inch birch floating mantle stained in Minwax “Carbon” to match the floors. The finished product: both bold and eye-catching!

We combined functionality and style in this living room

a mantle with shiplap siding

We started with a simple builder-grade molding mantle… but we wanted to blend warmth and style with functionality. So… we made some changes!

We started by adding shiplap siding around along the whole fireplace wall. Then, we replaced the standard mantle with a chunky stained piece wide enough to hold some candles. Lastly, we built a small cubby into the wall to house the unsightly wiring that often accompanies an entertainment center. The finished result? Style and function!

Want Something Redone in Your Home, Too?

Looking for a way to take your home to the next level? Whether it’s a fireplace upgrade, a kitchen redo, or an attic finish, we’ve got you covered. Contact Raleigh Woodworks today and let’s talk about your dream project!

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