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Raleigh Woodworks Commercial Carpentry Portfolio

Thompson Cadillac Service Desk

Custom Service Desk for Cadillac Dealership

Odika Furniture Accent Walls

Explore rustic elegance with Odika Furniture's latest project – 2 stunning pine shiplap accent walls. Elevate your space with timeless craftsmanship.

Baystate Pools' Clayton Location, Service Desk

We crafted a custom service desk that embodies both functionality and brand identity at the new Baystate Pools' office in Clayton.

Revival 1969 Outdoor Patio & Cigar Lounge

Teamed up with Joshua Davis, General Contractor and Revival's bar owner to create custom outdoor flower boxes and trellises.

Preschool Cubbies & Cabinets

We partnered with a local preschool to transform their learning spaces by replacing cabinets and cubbies across multiple classrooms.

NCCU Men's Basketball Locker Room

We transformed the NCCU Men's basketball locker room with our custom-designed lockers and benches.

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