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Revival 1969 Outdoor Patio & Cigar Lounge

Teamed up with Joshua Davis, General Contractor and Revival's bar owner to create custom outdoor flower boxes and trellises.

Revival 1969 Outdoor Patio & Cigar Lounge

We partnered with a local general contractor and a vibrant bar owner to create captivating outdoor spaces through our custom carpentry expertise. Collaborating closely with the contractor and understanding the bar owner's vision, we meticulously designed and crafted bespoke outdoor flower boxes and trellises.

Employing our mastery in custom carpentry, we ensured that each piece seamlessly complemented the bar's ambiance while embracing functionality and aesthetic appeal. The project not only added a touch of natural beauty but also provided functional solutions for green spaces within the outdoor area.

By blending our craftsmanship with the collective vision of the contractor and the bar owner, we transformed the outdoor space into a captivating haven, inviting patrons to experience nature's charm while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the bar.

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