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Add Style & Function to Your Home with a Barn Door

We’re big fans of barn doors over here at Raleigh Woodworks, and we’re definitely not alone. Barn doors have been incredibly popular in interior design over the past few years—and it’s not just for their versatile style. These doors can actually conserve space while adding a little flare to a room; in short, they’re the ultimate customizable statement piece. If you’ve been thinking about adding a barn door to your home, you’ve got some options!

Barn Doors Serve Both Style & Function

Barn doors are unique in that they add function as much as they do style. Since they hug the wall and slide to open, rather than swinging outward, barn doors can be especially handy for areas too cramped for hinged doors. Plus they come in a variety of designs, textures, stains, and finishes, so you can completely customize your door to perfectly fit your home.

Here are a few more things we love about barn doors.

Barn Doors Come in a Variety of Styles

There is no “standard” barn door—they’re as unique as the homes they’re found in! Doors differ in design styles, patterns, and materials and hardware used; each barn door is crafted to fit its surroundings. Here are a few of the more popular styles we’ve been seeing a lot lately.

Farmhouse or rustic barn doors

a rustic farmhouse door

Give your home a rustic country feel with a classic barn door. These are often wide-plank wood and may feature a distressed or unfinished look. They usually have an X or cross design.

Modern barn doors

a modern barn door

With a sleeker, more contemporary look, modern barn doors often feature clean lines and bold or white coloring. They look less “country rustic” and more minimalist, often tucking away against a wall to conserve space.

Double barn door

rustic double barn doors

Combining the barn door look with French door function, double barn doors can be in just about any size or style. They often make a bolder statement or are used to accent a doorway by framing both sides of the opening.

Double-duty barn door

Not to be confused with the double barn door, double-duty doors can be either single or double doors. They serve a dual purpose, such as covering a closet when open, then sliding closed to separate a bedroom. These are particularly useful for rooms or areas without a lot of space, as they can allow one door to do the work of two.

Glass barn door

Want to add style without sectioning off your home? Try a glass barn door, which maintains an open-concept feel while allowing rooms or areas to be partitioned off. They’re probably not ideal for a bedroom or bathroom, but are great for living rooms or offices!

Patterns Vary, Too!

a pantry with a barn door

Not only do barn doors vary in style, their patterns vary quite a bit, too. For example, modern barn doors might bear a chevron pattern, a herringbone pattern, or even a board & batten. Farmhouse styles have even more options but often feature an iconic X design.

Thinking About a Barn Door for Your Home?

Are you dreaming of a classic, modern, or funky barn door for your favorite room? We can help! Contact Raleigh Woodworks today to learn more about how we can bring your barn door dreams to reality. Need some inspiration? Follow our barn doors Pinterest board!

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