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Transform Your Interiors with these Must-Have Custom Interior Doors

Custom interior doors are an often overlooked way to completely transform the look and feel of your home. Not only can they build and install a door that perfectly fits your design aesthetic, they can also make sure it is built to last. Whether you’re looking for a classic style, or something completely unique, custom interior doors offer a wealth of options for you to choose from. From craftsman style to traditional French double doors, or even a country style sliding barn door, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find the perfect door for your home.

Sliding Barn Door Style

Sliding barn doors are a great way to add rustic charm and warmth to your home. They have become a popular choice among homeowners in recent years, and it's not hard to see why. These doors slide open and closed, giving you more floor space and a unique look that will impress anyone who sees them.

Fun fact: Did you know that sliding barn doors were originally used on actual barns to help farmers move their equipment and animals in and out? Nowadays, they've found a new purpose in our homes, bringing that same rustic charm inside.

Sliding barn doors come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your needs. They can be made from various wood types with decorative features like frosted glass or raised panels and sliding mechanisms that are both functional and stylish. They're perfect for creating a focal point in your living room or bedroom, but they can also be used to separate rooms or add privacy to a space.

While they're not as traditional as French doors or single doors, sliding barn doors are a unique option that can help you make a statement in your home. Whether you want to add a touch of country style or a modern edge to your space, sliding barn doors are an excellent choice.

Traditional Hinged Doors

Traditional hinged doors are a classic and timeless choice for any home interior. These doors swing open and closed on hinges, which are mounted on the door and the door frame. The most common styles of traditional hinged doors include solid wood, panel, and glass-paneled doors.

For those who want to make a statement with their entryways, French doors are an elegant option. French doors feature glass panels and are designed to allow plenty of natural light into your home.

Single doors are perfect for smaller spaces like bathrooms, closets, and laundry rooms. These doors can be customized with different materials and finishes, like wood or painted MDF. If you prefer more privacy, you can choose a solid door or a door with frosted or clear glass.

Traditional hinged doors are available in single or double options, with the latter providing a grander and more formal entrance to a room. Double doors work best for larger spaces, like living rooms or dining rooms. They are also ideal for creating a dramatic effect when opened simultaneously.

Arched Templated Doors

Got a weird shaped opening in your home that just doesn't fit standard door sizes? No worries, we have you covered with custom templated doors that can fit any opening. Our arched templated doors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. These doors come in a variety of styles and finishes to fit any interior design scheme. The arched shape adds depth and interest to any room and creates a stunning focal point.

Whether you have a traditional or modern home, our arched templated doors are sure to complement your décor. They come in a range of materials, from wood to fiberglass, to suit any budget. Plus, our experienced installation services make it easy for you to get the door of your dreams without any hassle.

So why settle for a plain rectangular door when you can add a unique arched templated door to your home? Upgrade your interior and make a statement with one of our stunning arched templated doors.

Door Styles

When it comes to interior doors, there are many different styles to choose from. One popular option is the craftsman style door, which features clean lines and a minimalist design. This style is perfect for homes with a more modern aesthetic, but can also work in traditional or transitional spaces.

Another popular option is the farmhouse style door, which is typically made from wood and features a rustic, weathered look. These doors can add charm and character to any room, and are a great choice for homes with a country or farmhouse-style decor.

If you're looking for a more traditional option, consider a panel door. These doors feature raised panels and are available in a range of styles, from simple to ornate. Panel doors are a classic choice for homes with a traditional or colonial-style design.

For those who want to add some visual interest to their doors, consider a door with glass. Glass options range from simple clear glass to decorative patterns, and can be a great way to let light into a room while still maintaining privacy.

Finally, there are many other styles of interior doors to choose from, including sliding doors, pocket doors, and French doors. Each of these options offers a unique look and function, and can be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences.

No matter which style you choose, be sure to work with a professional installation service to ensure that your new doors are installed properly and safely. This will ensure that your doors function well and look great for years to come.

Glass Options

Are you considering adding glass to your interior doors? While glass can add a touch of elegance and natural light to a room, it's important to keep building codes in mind. If your door design includes glass, you'll need to use tempered glass to ensure safety and compliance with building codes.

If you're looking for a classic look, consider adding mullions or muntins to create a grid overlay pattern on your glass. This style works well in traditional homes and can be tailored to fit your personal aesthetic.

For a more contemporary feel, clear glass patterns can be an excellent option. They're versatile and can fit well in any room or home design. For more privacy, frosted glass patterns are a great choice. They let light into a room while still keeping some degree of privacy.

No matter what your personal style is, there's a glass option that's perfect for you. So when selecting your interior doors, make sure to consider glass as an option to elevate your design. Don't forget, if you need assistance installing your custom interior doors, professional installation services are available to ensure a perfect fit and lasting finish.

Installation Services

If you're looking to upgrade your interior doors but are unsure about how to install them, don't worry! Many companies that offer custom interior doors also offer professional installation services. These services are ideal for those who are not comfortable with DIY projects or for those who simply don't have the time.

Before you purchase your doors, ask the manufacturer if they offer installation services. If they do, you can have peace of mind knowing that professionals will handle the installation process. Not only will this save you time, but it will also ensure that your new doors are installed correctly.

Professional installation services also offer other benefits. For instance, the installers can help you choose the best location for your doors based on the design and layout of your home. They can also recommend the best hardware and accessories to match your chosen door style.

Choosing the right carpenter for your custom interior doors projects

When choosing a company for installation services, make sure that they are experienced and have a good reputation. Ask for references and check online reviews to ensure that you are hiring a reliable and trustworthy company.

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