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Staying Busy in Commercial Spaces

During the stay-at-home orders, we have been able to keep working. But there’s a catch— we can only work in unoccupied spaces. Ever the optimists and unwilling to let this get us down, we got right to work on helping a couple of local businesses spruce things up in the meantime.

Here’s what’s kept us busy during quarantine.

Variety Wholesalers

The folks over at the Variety Wholesalers office were really making things work with a bunch of old, hodge-podge items around the office. We were thrilled to get in there and bring their space out of the stone ages, though! With some fresh coats of paint and some improved storage options, we’re hoping these folks can really enjoy their new digs when they get back to working in the office!

The kitchen/breakroom

Before we got in there:

After we freshened things up a bit, making the space brighter and more welcoming:

Variety Wholesaler - 1

Accent Walls for the Offices

Although we definitely dig their style over there, some of these offices needed a little breath of life! So we got in and painted accent walls— always a wonderful way to cheer things up!



A coat of paint will do wonders to brighten up a space! This pale blue makes the area so much more welcoming!

Variety Wholesaler - 6
Variety Wholesaler - 5

Andrea Day Spa

For Andrea Day Spa in Angier, NC, we were able to get in and create a room addition for some added space and functionality.

There’s really no end to what you can do with a room, even a small one! Check out what we were able to whip up for them. We think the staff will appreciate the improved functionality of the space, and their customers will certainly enjoy these little enhancements!


A fresh coat of paint always spruces things up!


When we started, the space felt cramped.


Now, it’s more open and airy!


Need some work done in your business space?

Although these were quarantine projects, we are looking forward to continuing working in commercial spaces, just as we always have! Need some enhanced storage? A better, more comfortable space for clients? Is the vibe of your workspace not matching up with the vibe your company strives for? We can help! Give us a shout, we’re ready when you are!

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