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Raleigh Woodworks: Designing and Installing Custom Built-Ins

Without a doubt, the best part of what we do is helping to bring a customer’s vision to life. That’s why this custom built-in we did was so much fun!

We met with the customer in their home to discuss their vision for the space. They showed us pictures of what they envisioned, then we took our own measurements and pictures of the existing cabinetry and molding details. To give them an idea of how we planned to execute their vision, we put all the visuals into a design board on Pinterest.

How Our Design Process Works

Consultation & Design Days Are My Favorite!

Having a design board of the existing space, the inspiration and the actual products we purchase is a great way to collaborate and share ideas with our clients. The client was able to add more details and pics throughout the process as well! ~Corrine Lombardo, Project Manager

Once we had all of the information and measurements together, we sketched a layout of the details and dimensions to follow and give to the carpenters as well as the customers.

We first pre-cut and fit everything off-site so that we could have the majority of the bases assembled and the top shelves cut, fitted and primed, prior to installation.

Then, when we arrived on installation day, everything fit like a puzzle! We brought in all the bases and top pieces together and fit them around the existing TV-mount location, then screwed them together and anchored to the studs in the wall.

Next, We Figure Out All the Details

Now it’s time to add the details, and this is where we divide and conquer – Tom continued “facing” out all the cabinetry, adding molding and trim (and lots of it), while Matt cut, built and assembled all the doors and drawers off-site.

While the carpenters were busy building, Corrine was busy finalizing the details with the customer—paint color selections, hardware, glass and lighting. Even though we review these in the beginning, sometimes things change as you see it in your space, so it’s important to finalize these selections again before purchasing.

Time for paint, doors and drawers! We used Sherwin Williams Cashmere Interior paint in a semi-gloss finish, but the color was a custom mix to match the existing mantle and details of the home.

ProTip: Always Work with a Professional Electrician

During this time, we also brought out our good friends at Alpha Contracting for the electrical prep (rough-in installation) with some temporary lights, until the permanent ones arrived.

Once all the faces were on the drawers, we installed the hardware and last few details.

Rolling with the Punches

We had some hiccups with multiple lighting suppliers, which delayed the process a bit, but that’s just life in the construction biz. We plan everything out to the minute and the dime, but there’s always a hiccup. Just remember to stay calm and trust that everything will be done correctly and look great in the end—you just gotta roll with the punches and stay positive!

Take a look at the final results!

Living Room Wall After

Products & Selections

  1. Paint: Custom Match Color in “Cashmere” Semi Gloss by Sherwin Williams

  2. Hardware: “Cosmas” 161 Series Euro Style Bar Pull

  3. Lighting: Restoration Hardware

  4. Glass: “German Antique” custom cut by Carolina Glass

Check Out Our YouTube Video

This video is takes you behind-the-scenes of our latest project in Downtown Raleigh, NC. Corrine walks you through the customer selection and finishing process for building and installing custom built-ins.

Want to explore more design options? Raleigh Woodworks has a solution in mind for you. No project is too big or too small—give us a call today to see exactly how we can maximize your space for the better.

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