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Large Renovations Showcase!


We truly believe there’s no project too big or small for us. They’re all fun, and we love to see how happy our clients are when we wrap something up for them! However, there’s a special satisfaction that comes along with wrapping up large renovation projects. We put a lot of time and care in, and when we finish it’s like saying goodbye to a friend!

Here are some of our most recent large renovation projects. We’re simply too excited about them to not share all the details here!

Full Attic Renovation

When our neighbors mentioned that they wanted to do something with their spacious unfinished third floor, we knew just what to do! We got in there and framed everything up and hired subcontractors to help us create a bedroom, rec room, bathroom, and a storage area! Remember, this space was completely unfinished, so we did everything from carpet and paint to final fixtures– and we managed it all for under $30k! Just think about that increased real estate value, too. Talk about a good investment!



It’s hard to believe that what once was a completely gutted space now holds so much potential! We don’t know about you, but we can definitely see a pool table fitting in here now 😉

Full Townhouse Reno

This is a project we were working on for an old family friend. When quarantines took place, we weren’t allowed to work in occupied residential spaces anymore, so he moved out temporarily so that we could continue our work! We replaced the entire downstairs flooring, scraped the god-awful popcorn ceilings away and refinished those, added a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and added some stylistic improvements such as crown molding and spruced-up stairs!


We are IN LOVE with these floors! Didn’t they turn out beautiful?? 😍

Country Farmhouse

When a good friend of ours lost her parents, she was left with their home. This was a huge project! Here’s the breakdown:


We updated and painted cabinets, hardware, fixtures (lighting and plumbing), and appliances.




Tubs and showers were reglazed, giving them a brand new look! New shower and bath fixtures were also added.

  1. We completely gutted the half bath near the laundry room and moved the sink to the same wall as the toilet, opening up the room a bit. We finished it up with new light fixtures and decor.

  2. The hallway half bath got a classic Raleigh Woodworks touch added with a wood countertop complete with a beautiful vessel sink and a tall faucet fixture.

  3. For the master bath, we installed a new vanity and new toilet.




All bedrooms in the house got a fresh coat of paint after we put some time in to remove the old wallpaper! We also removed some carpeting.




We did keep some flooring in the living room, hallway and 2 of the bedrooms; but we replaced the entryway, bathrooms, kitchen, and one of the bedroom floors to bring the house into the modern age.

Half bath with new flooring, sink, toilet & fixtures.

Thanks for keeping up with us! If you’d like to know more about what we’ve been doing, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

If you have a home that needs some work, we can tackle all projects, large and small! Holler at us and let us know what we can do for you 🤩

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