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Get Your Outdoors Ready for Spring with These Woodworking Projects

Spring is definitely here! The temperature is climbing, the days are getting longer, and we’re all looking for ways to spend more time outside. If you own a home, you’ve probably been thinking about your outdoor spaces… and how to get them ready to enjoy some beautiful North Carolina weather!

Woodworking Projects to Get Ready for Spring

Are you outdoor spaces looking a little… plain? These woodworking and carpentry projects can get you and your backyard ready for some fun in the sun!

Build your deck or patio

a spacious back deck with a table and chairs

If you don’t have a designated outdoor space like a deck or patio, it’s time to think about getting one! If you like DIY projects, you can likely handle installing a simple paver or stone patio with some help from your local hardware store. If you want to add a wooden structure or an elevated deck, you’re probably better off calling in a professional, unless you’re pretty handy.

Focus on outdoor furniture

stylish outdoor furniture on a deck

Once you get your deck or patio ready to host the ultimate summer barbecue, you probably want to add some furniture, too. Obviously, you’ve got a lot of options here! You can buy your own or build from scratch. You can even purchase used or thrift furniture and refinish it for outdoor use. Just be sure that any fabric furniture or cushions you buy are suited for outdoor wear.

Get your storage in order

a custom-built shed in the woods

If you spend time gardening, landscaping, or playing lawn games, it’s nice to have a shed or garden closet handy for storing tools when they’re not in use. You’ve got quite a few options for outdoor storage, too. Most hardware stores carry a variety of sheds that range from compact and affordable to quite extravagant. Of course, if you want a more stylish, custom look or a specific fit, you’re probably better off calling a pro to design and build a structure from scratch.

Feed the birds

a bird eyeing a bird feeder

Looking for a fun and easy weekend DIY project? Build a bird feeder! There’s a lot of room for creativity here, from buying a pre-cut kit to purchasing your own wood and designing from scratch. Whichever route you decide to take, be sure to finish up with paint or stain that looks good with your outdoor decor!

Do some outdoor decorating

a beautifully decorated back deck

Speaking of outdoor decor, how’s yours looking? The best outdoor spaces have furnishings, accents, or upgrades, so if you want to really get your home ready for spring, it’s worth spending a little time and money sprucing up your decor. Start simple. Switch out your house numbers. Hang a fresh, springy wreath on your front door. Add some string lights to your patio or deck.

If you’re feeling creative and really want to upgrade your space, add a pergola. You can actually buy DIY kits if you’re up for a challenge. Or if you’d rather a professional-grade look without all the effort, you’re probably better off calling in a pro.

Get gaming

What’s summer without some outdoor games, like horseshoes, cornhole, or even croquet? Don’t have your own set? Sure, you can easily buy them, but for a custom look (and an easy DIY project), why not build? You can find tons of guides online for easy or custom game projects.

Need Help with an Outdoor Project?

Are you ready for spring? So are we! And we’re hard at work helping our clients get their backyards, front porches, and homes ready, too! If you have an outdoor (or indoor) project you need help tackling, Raleigh Woodworks is here for you! Contact us today and let’s chat about your project.

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