Flipping Garner: A Throwback from the 50’s

1309 Southerlund Road from 2016

Google Map View From 2016

It was your typical 1950’s, ranch-style home in Garner, North Carolina. The original family owned the home since it was built, but unfortunately had gone through several transitions, causing the house and property to be neglected.

When the family reached out to us to purchase the home, we were excited to help them out! And of course, our favorite part… seeing the potential and get started!

The Before Pics

Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story?! Although you can’t smell the before, I think you can imagine it from the looks of these rooms in the pictures. And check out the front yard – you couldn’t even see the house! Keep scrolling to see the transformation!

There was wood paneling throughout the majority of the living areas and kitchen; and the original carport had been converted into a den and master suite, but had a very small master bath and closet and the laundry & water heater were all in the kitchen.

With the exception of the addition, all of the electrical was original (no ground wiring) and had to be replaced and some of the plumbing needed tweaking, but luckily, the previous owners had replaced all of the HVAC just 2 years prior, so we had some savings there.


The Plan

When we first tour a home, the creative juices started flowing, new ideas start forming, and then the numbers have to start crunching… then after about a week, an agreement is made and we acquire the property.

We’ve been in the construction business over 25 years, and know what to look for from the roof to the structure; But If you’re not an experienced contractor, we encourage you to do a very thorough inspection before the offer to purchase; and more importantly, to complete your due diligence and order professional inspections (multiples if needed).

NOTE: Depending on the situation and time pending and the opportunities involved, this may not always be possible, and you take the risk and finding these issues later on that might not have been budgeted for.

Every property starts with a full scope of work – we go room-by-room and make a list of things we need to do, materials needed, time it would take and start outlining the plan.

Then we can start the demolition process and inspect the home further (keeping our fingers crossed the whole time).


Demolition & Framing