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Adjustable Closet Systems

There are so many different types of closets today. We have broom closets, coat closets, linen closets, wardrobes, pantries, and our favorite – the walk-in closet. The first bedroom closet was built in New York City in 1884. Until then, having a designated space to hang clothing was uncommon. Of course, people didn’t toss their coats and trousers on the ground, they just didn’t have as much clothes to need such a thing. In fact, the hanger had only been invented a few years before the closet. Over time, this “luxury” feature became more common and homeowners gained access to more economical and efficient options to store their things.

The Evolution of the Closet

In the 17th Century, closets were more commonly seen as another room, adjacent to the bedroom. Quickly, homes adapted to incorporate smaller versions of the space within bedroom walls. Today, the typical bedroom closet is about six feet wide and only two and half feet deep with a single shelf and hanging rod.

Even though every closet is different, they all have the ability to enhance their efficiency with options like floor-to-ceiling storage and adjustable shelving. With space for shoes, jackets, dresses, jewelry, and laundry, having a custom, adjustable closet system is your solution to maximize any space.

Types of Adjustable Closet Systems

Wire Shelving:

Pros: Cheap, easy to install, and widely available.

Cons: Not really adjustable without damaging walls and the supplied brackets are plastic (so are their replacements). Plus, they’re not super attractive and we prefer to keep things, well, pretty.

The wire shelving system is inexpensive, easy to install, and there are numerous configurations. They don’t hold a lot of weight due to the flexibility of the wire and the brackets are usually plastic. However, this is typically what we see in the mass markets of residential housing. Today, you’ll commonly find these wire shelving systems in kitchen pantries. Sadly, these shelves simply cannot withhold the weight of too many cans and heavier items. Plus, they are impossible to “adjust” without having to uninstall them from the wall, patching large holes, then reinstalling them again.

Closet Kits

Prefabricated Closet Systems:

Pros: Provides a more finished look with adjustable shelves, can be installed without the use of heavy equipment and tools, and they are widely available in home improvement retail stores.

Cons: Quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and sagging can occur.

When most people think of adjustable shelving, they think of the inexpensive, closet-in-a-box, that can rarely survive a move. The problem with those are most DIY closet systems do not supply mounting accessories, because, as their assembly instructions say, “not all walls are the same” – and they’re right. If brackets are included, you still need to find a stud or have some heavy duty anchors to support the weight, because while MDF is a perfectly fine product for shelving, it is heavy. Most of these systems are hung on a wall and not reinforced by your floor. So, if you don’t want to come home one day to all of your stuff on the floor, then do not skip this step.

While this type of system is found at numerous big box home improvement stores like Ikea, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, etc., they definitely are not all created equal. When using MDF specifically, sagging is an issue and if not built well, you will eventually find your shelves caving in from the weight storing & hanging items. In these systems, you will find various thicknesses of MDF, quality of metal and plastic brackets. Many of these systems though do allow you to remove your belongings, lift off the shelf and adjust brackets.

Custom Closet Systems:

Custom Closet

Working with an experienced carpenter will allow homeowners to design a closet system to fit the needs of today, with tomorrow in mind. We know that wardrobes change and a closet that can accommodate your changing fashion is a closet you want in your home. Do you have a lot of shoes? We can provide adjustable shelving to fit those cute ballerina flats or those sassy knee-high boots. We won’t overlook the man in your life either. Belts? Ties? Feather boas? We’ll make room!

We use a variety of materials but never wire, we won’t fill gaps with plastic, our systems are secure from floor to ceiling, and easily adjustable. There is no closet too large or too small to provide better storage solutions.

Do you have one of those 6-foot wide and two and a half foot deep single rod closets? We have options to make much better use of that space.

Ready to make more room in your closet?

Building an adjustable closet system is an investment in your home; One that you most likely do not want to have to pay for again and again as your needs change. Our team will work carefully with you to determine your current needs, while preparing for adjustments later on. Feel free to sample some of the work we have done, then Contact us to schedule an estimate!

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