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Accent Your Outdoors

Ah, springtime in North Carolina! In the usual fashion, it feels like we’re speeding full force towards summer. April has already brought us its showers and we’re now seeing May flowers… and more showers! What this means is that people are starting to spend more time outdoors. We’re entering the season of cookouts, backyard hands, pool parties, lounging on the porch, gardening, and so much more. The point is, we’re starting to spend a lot of time outside, as we should be!

Knowing this, it’s important that our homes look good, both inside AND out! Check out some of the recent projects we’ve completed to learn more about how we can get your house summertime cookout/pool party ready!


Outdoor Shiplap

For this house, we went ahead and removed all the siding, replacing it with a unique pine shiplap that we stained and sealed ourselves. The result? A cool, charming outdoor oasis fit for curating some zen time and reading a nice book in that classic evening time breeze we North Carolinians get to enjoy so much!


Although the color was cute, we wanted to bring a bit more sophistication to this area.


So sleek!


Can’t you just feel the relaxation vibes???


Garage Storage and Organization

Now for our one day wonder! For this project, we got into this garage, moved everything out, and spruced it up all in one day.

It’s no secret that the garage can often become a shameful part of our house because we tend to not keep it very organized or neat. Honestly, it’s probably one of the hardest spaces in a home to keep neat because by its very nature, it’s begging to be dingy– it’s dark, out of the way, full of tools and weird objects.

Look, no shame, but your garage totally deserves to be organized. YOU deserve an organized garage so that you can always find that tool that you’re looking for right away! Here’s what we were able to do for our friend.

We started off by cleaning every nook and cranny to get it prepped.

Then, we built custom shelving units to store all those miscellaneous items that seem to continually wind up lost in the garage. With these shelves, our friend can now use organized boxes and storage materials after he Marie Kondo’s his way out of all the old stuff he’s no longer using 😉

Michael Roberts - 3
Michael Roberts - 4

One has no idea how valuable floor-to-ceiling shelving can be until they have it!


Complete Porch Refresher

With this project, our client had an absolutely LOVELY wrap-around porch with a screened-in section in the back and a little deck to complement it. The problem is that the wood had become weathered over time, and we even found some wood rot threatening the structural integrity in parts of the porch. So, we needed to get in there and replace what wasn’t working so that her beautiful porch can continue to be appreciated for years to come.


Our crew got in there with some paint, some replacement 6×6 posts, and a true gusto for preserving beautiful porches and completely refinished everything.

beverly keith's front elevation
beverly keith's front elevation 2

To finish things up, we added a fresh coat of paint, and we’re happy to report that this gorgeous porch will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come, while looking fresh to death!


That’s all for now! If there’s something we can help you with in regard your house, whether it be on the inside or the outside, shoot us a line! We’re passionate about helping people create the best homes possible for themselves. After all, our homes are an extension of our minds, right?

Contact us for more information and to learn how our services can benefit you!

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